3 day and 7 day retreats in the Welsh countryside with Barbara.

Retreats offer an opportunity to work in greater depth, with space for individual attention and small group work to accelerate your skills.

Each retreat has a maximum of 10 people and is tailored to the needs and interests of the participants.

Upcoming Retreats

Just Breathe - 3 days

November 10th - 13th 2023

Growing up we often lock our breath and body to block emotions that are overwhelming and too much for us to deal with. At the time this is the best we can do but where does it leave us as actors when we want a free body and breath? It can leave us feeling cut off, disconnected and restricted.

This retreat enables you to unlock the body and the breath so that you can fully reconnect with yourself - with your emotions and instincts.

It creates a solid foundation for future breath and body work so that you can develop the physical and vocal skills needed more rapidly and easily.

“Barbara has helped me enormously in creating a foundation to which I have returned time and time again” - Jessie Buckley

Character Voice - 3 Days

December 1st - 4th, 2023

As a child we have enormous vocal freedom. We give voices to our toys. We take on different characters in our games but as we grow - whether through shyness or a fear of getting it “wrong” we lose our vocal playfulness. Or we may keep our playfulness but find that our voice gets exhausted and strained - especially if we are doing a great deal of voice over work.

This retreat allows you to regain a sense of playfulness whether you are new to or experienced in voice acting.

It also gives you tangible ways of extending your vocal choices and building character voices in a healthy way so that you can safely create a wider range of character voices.

I rate her as one of the best voice coaches I have come across .. Incisive .. Instinctive ..Specific ..and a great enabler ...I feel very lucky to know her and be able to work with her. Clive Owen

Coming in 2024

A Year’s Comprehensive Acting Program

Each retreat builds on the one before. The retreats can be taken separately, in blocks or following the whole year programme. Priority in the later retreats will be given to those booking for the whole year or who have worked with me before.

The Inner Actor

Unlocking the body, unlocking the breath - eve 28th - pm 31st Jan

Unlocking Your Creative Self - eve 21st - pm 24th March

The Expressive Actor

Finding Your Voice - eve of 9th - pm 12th June

Developing Character Voices - eve 23rd - pm 26th Sept

The Powerful Actor

Building an Actor’s Toolkit - eve 14th - pm 17th Nov

Advanced Rehearsal Process - eve 5th - pm 8th Dec

Save the dates - Booking will open in the Autumn

Using the same techniques I use with my A-List clients

Where We'll Stay

Bodlondeb Retreat

Corwen Wales LL21 0NY