”I first became aware of Barbara Houseman's work ...when I was performing with the RSC...I have worked with Barbara as a director and an actor. In both cases she was an enormous inspiration"

- Kenneth Branagh

"Barbara has helped me enormously in creating a foundation to which I have returned time and time again when creating a character. She continues to be a huge source of creative inspiration and I feel very lucky that we have worked together. She is one of the very best.."

- Jessie Buckley

"Barbara is a wonder. She homes in on your true voice and enables you to experience it in the purest way possible.”

- Lenny Henry

"Returning to the stage for the first time in 14 years I enlisted the help of Barbara and found her to be hugely helpful, supportive and inspirational...I rate here as one of the best voice coaches I have come across”

Clive Owen

"Barbara's sessions with my clients”Barbara's sessions with my clients have helped them gain confidence in vocal and script work. She is extremely thorough and gets to the root of any problem or concern, building a true strength physically and mentally.”

- Sue Latimer, Agent

“What I love so much about Barbara's work is her understanding of the voice not only as a performance tool but as a door to a person's culture, their upbringing and the story of who they are. Barbara's work has guided me through that door and onwards to performances where I have been able to fuse together our British classical and my Black British cultural present and take it out into the world with pride. She is the best of the best.”

- Cush Jumbo

“She is an inspiring teacher, and I left every session stimulated with the new discoveries we had made… I find her a hugely motivating force in my work.”

— Daniel Radcliffe

“Barbara's work starts with voice, passes through the physical and results in a character. Her teaching helps total performance.”

- Jude Law

“Barbara was vital to the success of our all-female trilogy at the Donmar. Her unique combination of technical know-how, passion and openness helped each of us with such different experiences, accents and backgrounds to express our own personal connection with Shakespeare’s language while never sacrificing clarity and audibility.”

- Harriet Walter

“There have been so many occasions where Barbara has totally saved the day in the most delicate, sensitive and supportive way. Barbara has such an insightful way of getting to the crux of the matter and always finds the right path, words and action. I have a huge trust in her approach, ways of working and communicating.”

- Lucinda Syson, Casting Director